Ramaze Ruby is amazing !!!

01 Mar 2008

Ramaze-means Ruby Amaze , light and modular open-source web application framework written in Ruby.Which is more easy to work with and no complexities for a new user.Ramaze is claiming to have more advantages than ruby on rails in speed , safety , user friendliness etc.

Installation is very simple

$ gem install ramaze installing as rubygem

Now your ramaze is ready to use.You can build ur applications by saying

$ ramaze --create my_app

Which will give u the basic format and you can edit and build your application in the way you want.Ramaze follows MVC architecture , unlike Rails it can work on a single ruby program also.You can run your ramaze application like

$ramaze or $ruby start.rb

Or if u want to run a single script just run $ ruby yourscript.rb

Ramaze is well documented with basic examples and easy to use even for a newbie.Ramaze stays close to the ruby's principles such as simplicity n elegance.Basically Ramaze contains a controller called MainController and which maps to '/'. Here data is getting saved in a '.yaml' file instead of database.

class MainController < Ramaze::Controller end

Also we can map to other URL s if we want.Its pretty simpler than Rails i guess.

class AnotherController < Ramaze::Controller map '/another' end You will get the basic examples to run your application from here.

Ramaze supports a lot of templating engines and such as Haml, Erubis,Markaby an d Ezmar.Also includes support for several adapters, including Mongrel, Evented Mongrel and FastCGIetc. In the homepage of Ramaze you can see the tutorials ,just give a try you will understand more.