Scriptaculous - a Javascript library

14 Mar 2008

Scriptaculous is a Javascript library for providing Web 2.0 effects in web pages. Scriptaculous is built on top of the Prototype library(prototype.js).Effects provided by scriptaculous include Visual effects like Appear,Higlight, Shake etc of DOM elements. It also provides advanced functions like Slider, Drag & Drop and Autocomplete for text boxes.

A drop and drop shopping cart example can be see here

Scriptaculous can be downloaded from here...

Download and link the scriptaculouos.js file to your html page. Using scriptaculous effects is very easy


Effect.Appear('elementid'); (elementid is the id of a DOM element)

Similar examples with demo can be seen here

Scriptaculous library by itself is simple, but Ruby on Rails makes it even simpler. Rails has wrappers around scriptacuolus methods.

Examples: i :onclick => visual_effect(:highlight, 'msg', :duration => 1.0)

ii. <%= draggable_element 'idOne', :revert => true %>