Shoes - a ruby GUI toolkit

04 Apr 2008

Ruby is not only showing its power in Rails but also applications like "shoes" ,"shoes" is graphics and windowing toolkit. It will run on all platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux , which help you to build desktop applications easily.Its creating GUI components some what similar to web library making our task easier by providing lots of methods to build a desktop item.Ruby Shoes is written in C and uses Ruby native extensions to allow interaction with Ruby code. First of all you need to install ruby "shoes" ,available here download

1.Download source



Now run

$ shoes

Which will give take you to a graphical mode there you can choose your ruby file for shoes.Or run your shoes file by

$ shoes <filename.rb>

Here is examples to show the simplicity and elegance of ruby shoes.Start with a small ones

Example for a button click { button("Hello") { alert("You have clicked on hello") } } example for drop down box shape = nil do shape = list_box :items => ["Square", "Oval", "Rectangle"] button "Report" do Shoes.p [shape.text] end end

You can see all the methods available for shoes "CLICK ME" or type on command line $ shoes --manual - you can see a helper.

Ideal example to see the power of shoes is given below , in those few lines its doing a big job !! :width => 500, :height => 100, :margin => 10 do def answer(v) @answer.replace v.inspect end button "Ask" do answer ask("Enter your name") end button "Confirm" do answer confirm("Like to proceed??") end button "Open File" do answer askopenfile end button "Save File" do answer asksavefile end button "Select Your Color" do answer ask_color("Select yours") end @answer = para "Answers appear here" end