Moved to Jekyll

04 Jan 2011

Hello all, here's wishing you a very happy new year. Hope 2011 brings you success with your projects and prosperity to your business. I would also like to add a small note that I have moved the site from Wordpress to Jekyll. It's a long-wished for change, as I usually hate upgrading Wordpress on a monthly basis.

I use Jekyll for one of my blogs, and love its simplicity. I didn't realize until very recently that there are converters from different blog platforms to Jekyll. The Wordpress converter turned out to be surprisingly good, so I converted The Viamentis Blog to fully static mode now.

I apologize if the move made your feed reader showed a large number of updates under our feed. You can safely set them to "all read" and it should work as usual from now on. There might be a few old articles showing up now and then due to some adjustments I'll be doing, kindly bear with us.