Unni's article gets featured in LinuxGazette

04 Apr 2008

As you might notice, my blogging has gone down a bit - and you might have also observed that there are lot more posts by Unni & Divya, my colleagues. Chalk that up to new projects, and lots of higher priority items. I'm slowly coming to realize, running an actual business is not so easy as they make it sound. But, it's an amazing ride, for sure.

Coming to the point, I encourage our developers to take some time off at least once every week and do something they think is fun. Yes, it's very much based on Google's 20% time, but we try to make it a group event rather than an individual one. And Unni comes up with some pretty fun projects. One such project, which he blogged about here, was recently featured in LinuxGazette. He might be too modest to post about it here, so I'm doing it for him :) (check out the editor's comment - pretty funny).

Good stuff guys, keep going.